Wild Boutique is a Premium Unisex Sustainable and Eco Fashion Brand.
Vegan | Organic | Climate Neutral | Recycled

Wild Boutique is a street ready-to-wear brand. Its founder, created it for a demanding clientele looking for sustainable high quality fashion.

More than a brand, Wild reinvented the approach to Eco-fashion. 

We make sustainable products that represent all styles, identities, and have a positive impact on the enviroment. 

Wild adopts a strong policy regarding corporate social responsibility:

  • No use of child labour
  • No use of forced labour
  • Safe and healthy working conditions
  • Legal labour contracts
  • Payment of living wage
  • No discrimination against employees
  • No excessive hours of work 

Our sustainable manufacturing creates products with economically-sound processes that minimise environmental impacts while saving energy and natural resources.

Wild recognizes that manufacturing is one of the most environmentally damaging and harmful industrial sectors on the planet and is taking critical and ground-breaking steps towards addressing the negative impact. Starting with sourcing of raw materials, Wild guarantees full traceability, using low impact cotton, bamboo and EcoVero viscose, and recycled polyester, 100% certified organic cotton, and recycled organic cotton blended with recycled polyester.

Wild has reduced the carbon footprint of products by around 90% through a combination of innovative product design, low impact organic agriculture, efficiency in manufacturing, and by replacing standard grid electricity with renewable energy.

We do not use carbon offsets.

It has been calculated that a single Wild T-shirt saves around 7 kilograms of CO2e compared to a conventional T-shirt, whereas a hooded sweatshirt saves up to 28 kgs.

Wild uses printing processes with very low environmental impact, without phosphates or aromatic solvents, non-PVC and water-based.